Park Rite CEO Kevin Bopp to Present at International Parking & Mobility Conference


Date Posted:

November 29, 2021

Park Rite CEO Kevin Bopp will soon be co-presenting a session at the in-person International Parking & Mobility Institute’s annual Conference & Expo.

It takes place from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 at JW Marriott Water Street in Tampa, Florida. The event is dedicated to keeping the parking and mobility community connected through exhibits, general and education sessions, shop talks, networking, and community-building events.

Bopp’s presentation will focus on how parking asset design and the parking experience itself are being shaped by changes in technology.

He and Matt Jobin will discuss technological breakthroughs that continue to transform the types and manner in which vehicles utilize parking facilities, including autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, self-parking cars and more.

The pair will explore how vehicle technology breakthroughs are impacting parking design, while informing individuals across the industry on what will likely be primary considerations for development and operations. Focal topics are expected to include designing structures that incorporate newer technologies, consumer demand of contact-free and cashless solutions, integrated space for ride-share pick-up/drop-off zones, and human factors such as aesthetic.

Bopp will emphasize the importance of future planning for likely evolution, along with flexibility and creativity to keep parking assets positioned for success.

The conference and expo can only be attended in person, while future industry events will be offered in a virtual format. For more information visit 

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