Park Rite Uses FlashParking to Offer Customers Technologically Advanced Parking Solutions


Date Posted:

November 26, 2019

As the world continues to change, some things never really become different. A major example of this is the amount of vehicles traveling from one destination to another, at all times every day of the year. People come and go and want to be able to do elementary tasks, like finding parking for their vehicles, without a hassle.

Park Rite’s association with FlashParking has helped align our company with the goals of mobility, which is not only optional but necessary in an ever-changing world. That means offering our customers the most up-to-date technology.

FlashParking essentially uses a strategic archetype that combines electronic connection with the best parking options available. This includes going straight to the sources, such as parking structures and paved surface lots, and helping to improve infrastructure-based experiences. While a Cloud-first approach aids us at Park Rite, it also helps our customers via secure and real-time transactions. Such “mobility hubs” that are offered through apps and otherwise complete the user experience and make cohesion simple and efficient.

Park Rite is the go-to source for parking destinations

Park Rite has elevated its business model a great amount in the past four decades. After being started by three brothers in one parking lot in 1975, Park Rite has become a prominent parking provider in Detroit, Royal Oak and Ann Arbor. Our company gets people where they need to go, and the numbers continue to impress: We operate nearly 60 locations and over 5 million cars on average annually.

Park Rite began with a vision, on the corner of Lafayette and First in Detroit. Today, with the combination of visionaries, customers and great customer service, the business has transformed to fit the needs of just about anybody. As technology continues to improve and reach transcendent heights, we are able to connect people to the places they desire to visit. That includes sporting events and entertainment in downtown Detroit; dinner meet-ups with friends or significant others in Royal Oak; and being close to all the action in a college town like Ann Arbor.

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