Who Is Park Rite? Learn More About The Leading Parking Provider


Date Posted:

March 18, 2020

You have probably heard the name Park Rite because you’ve likely utilized one of our many parking lots or structures spread out across Detroit, Royal Oak and Ann Arbor.

We are there when you need a parking space. We are there for you to utilize our monthly parking rates, or to reserve spots in advance to make your life easier. Our valet attendants at numerous Detroit locations exude professionalism and courtesy indicative of who we are as a company.

But that begs the question: Who exactly are we? For starters, we have been around the block for a while. Three brothers joined together in 1975 to open one parking lot in downtown Detroit. Decades later, we operate about 30 locations in the three cities.

It’s not by accident. A long time ago Park Rite knew that success would be achieved only through the conviction of our values. We pride ourselves on running a company dedicated to integrity, growth, professionalism and leadership.

Excellent customer service is what we hang our hat on, tailoring our parking services to maximize your own values, as a client. Our reputation precedes us, and it keeps us striving for better business practices as we move forward. While we are admittedly not the biggest company around, we provide a hands-on approach that makes us comparable to those bigger companies in terms of the service and expertise we continually offer.

That includes offering our trusted clients with state-of-the-art database software in which they can view their daily activities. If something goes awry and your experience is less than satisfactory, we aim to immediately solve such disputes by encouraging our customers to fill out incident reports so we can get to the bottom of their dissatisfaction.

But there’s more to us than can be viewed in a parking garage, or read on our recognizable signage or seen on social media. We love to give back. More so, we find it imperative to be involved with local charities by way of our time and finances. They include the Metro Detroit Youth Day, Make a Wish Foundation, March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy, St. John’s Hospital, and the Variety Club for disadvantaged children.

We continue to grow, and we hope you want to be by our side as we improve upon the next era of parking. Visit any of our locations in Detroit, Royal Oak or Ann Arbor.

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