Parking in Downtown Detroit Can Save You Time, Money and Peace of Mind


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February 17, 2022

Detroit has rebounded plenty in the past decade, becoming a vibrant city full of locals and visitors alike. The city’s growth and rebranding has further contributed to the emergence of destinations like Cliff Bell’s and Comerica Park, while also supporting the evolution of popular hangouts for people of all ages —including an array of restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues. There is always something fun and interesting to do downtown.

But nobody wants to worry about where they will park when out and about, both in terms of convenience and safety. It is important to trust whoever is looking after your vehicle, and the commitment to overall customer experience.

Park Rite does just that by offering visitors a smooth, safe experience. Here are some ways our company makes your life easier when parking downtown:

1. Book Parking Online Before Heading Downtown

No more worries about where to park in Detroit. There’s no competing against hundreds of other cars for a parking spot during a daytime adventure or night out when you book ahead of time. Park Rite offers parking in advance, enabling people to reserve spots at any of our locations before physically heading downtown. It saves time and helps you avoid frustration.

2. Our History Says It All

Park Rite hasn’t been in business for nearly 50 years by accident. We pride ourselves in providing tremendous customer service and are always seeking opportunities to elevate your experience. We are small enough to conduct personal interactions with our customers, yet large enough to offer safe, convenient, diverse parking services for some of Michigan’s busiest cities.

3. Zero-Contact Payment

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that businesses must adapt swiftly to maintain the safety of customers and team members, while still delivering great service. For Park Rite, that has entailed implementation of a zero-contact payment system at all of our Detroit locations. And the best part may just be that no smartphone app is required. Our system is streamlined to meet your needs quickly and easily, whether you’re arriving to park or heading home.

4. Valet Options That Meet High Standards

All of Park Rite’s valet attendants are extensively screened and trained to deliver best-in-class hospitality guest experience. Our attendants are mentored by a field manager for sixteen hours, along with attending a classroom course on industry standards. This means our valets are ideally equipped to care for your vehicles in a courteous and responsible manner.

The next time you’re planning a trip to downtown Detroit, whether it’s for business or pleasure, remember Park Rite’s locations and the incredible services we offer our customers to ensure a great experience!

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